Working in the Marine Biology Research Centre inKerteminde and living in Denmark from an ESCvolunteer’s perspective. Learn about an ESC-volunteer’s experience in Denmark! Read the article below! Author: Verena Köder verena-kc3b6der-dissemionation-project-1Download

55 reasons why you should choose a ESC in Denmark!

The reasons are not listed in any particular order. 1 Meet new people from all over the world and make good friends. Dansk ICYE always hosts a lot of Volunteers through the ESC and has also otherprogramms for young people from outside of Europe. You will get to know many peoplefrom all continents and learn... Continue Reading →

Gymnasium Salvatorkolleg

Gymnasium Salvatorkolleg A total of 43 week(s) during the period 21/09/2020 to 31/07/2021 Herrenstr. 20, 88410 Bad Wurzach Germany   The Gymnasium Salvatorkolleg tries to help its students to grow into responsible, understanding and open-minded adults. This also includes intercultural experience which has a huge impact on development of the students. The Salvatorkolleg has its own foundation that informs students about... Continue Reading →

Now also on Youtube.

All the amazing experiences EVS has brought to us, all the memories we have, all the people we met, inspired us to create the Youtube channel, where we could tell more about us, our lives and anything we want to share with you. Subscribe for more, make sure that you will have a look what... Continue Reading →

Feel home!

Do you know the feeling that you’re doing the right thing in this really moment of your life? Well I’ve never felt this before till the moment when I decided to send my application to the Jungendwerk der AWO. I still remember the moment when I received the results. I opened  the email and, believe... Continue Reading →

13 reasons why INTERCOOLTOUR?!

,, Two weeks of summer camp around Germany with 21 participants from Germany, South Africa and Mexico and looking for team member “– I heard and without thinking too much I said that I wanted to be the one. I imagined sleepless nights with endless conversations, extremely interesting people and diverse activities in my head... Continue Reading →

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